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Indomie Sweet Chilli Chicken Noodle Wraps

Indomie Sweet Chilli Chicken Noodle Wraps

Ingredients :

2 Packs of Indomie Mi Goreng

Boneless Chicken Thigh

Sweet Chilli Sauce

Carrot - sliced thinly

Cucumber - sliced thinly

Capsicum - sliced thinly

Rice Paper Sheets

1/4 Red Chili - finely sliced

Indomie Sweet Chilli Chicken Noodle Wraps

Cooking Instructions :

  1. Slice Chicken Thigh into thin strips and fry in sweet chilli sauce until cooked
  2. Cook Indomie according to packet directions
  3. Drain noodles and add seasoning
  4. Submerge rice paper in water as per packet directions
  5. Lay a rice sheet on a damp tea towel and add a thin layer on noodles to the centre of the sheet
  6. Layer sliced vegetables, chicken and chilli on top of the noodles
  7. Fold rice paper around the ingredients
  8. Serve with extra sweet chilli sauce and side salad

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