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Indomie Pizza

Indomie Pizza

Ingredients :

3 to 5 packs of Indomie Mi Goreng Noodles

3 eggs


Desired Pizza Toppings (paprika/pepperoni/mushroom/etc.)

Indomie Pizza

Cooking Instructions :

  1. Cook noodles with seasonings until seperated but not too soft.
  2. Cool noodles and mix with egg.
  3. Put the egg/noodle mixture into a mini frypan and cook. Flip other side until cooked.
  4. Top your Indomie base with cheese and desired pizza toppings and place under the grill in the oven until the cheese is melted.
  5. Let cool in a pan to set before sliding the Indomini Pizza onto a plate. Cut and serve!

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